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Kazbegi district is well-known for its most beautiful and breathtaking surroundings. It is a perfect site for hiking and trekking, horseback riding, mountain climbing, mountain bike riding and simply for relaxing and enjoying the views. Kazbegi Mountain (or Mkinvartsveri) is the third highest mountain in Georgia (5,047 metres above sea level). It is surrounded by many myths and religious traditions. Gergeti Trinity Church  is standing humble in front of the breathtaking Mount Kazbek and it is one of the tourists’ favorite sites.

Sights :

JInvali (Zhinvali ) water reservoir

Jinvali  water reservoir is located on the Georgian Military Highway. Soviets constructed the dam in the 1980s. As Tbilisi was growing rapidly, there was a need of a new water supply. Government decided that the Aragvi Gorge rich with glacier water was the perfect spot.Local communities protested to the idea for several reasons and one of the reason was that Zhinvali territory was an archaeological sight.

The city of Zhinvali(Jinvali) had been at the crossroads of the great trading routes. Therefore throughout the history, it was a city of Georgian elite. It was rich with fortresses, towers and palaces. Though most of these had tumbled down to ruins throughout the centuries, territory promised a big archaeological treasure.

Unfortunately, the protests didn’t bother the Soviet Government and they proceeded to flood the area burying centuries of history under 75 meters of water. In the winter times, you can still see a small gem of the old Zhinvali. As the water levels drop, a church once located at a hill overlooking the city, surfaces from underneath the water.

Even though, the history of the city is lost, now the lake awes its visitors with stunning views and beautiful colors year-round.

Ananuri fortress

ANANURI, A CASTLE COMPLEX PERCHED along the turquoise waters of the Aragvi River, is a prime example of Georgia’s unique blended architectural aesthetic. It was home to the Aragvi feudal dynasty during the 18th century, and was the staging grounds of numerous battles that Georgians both won and lost. It’s a miracle the complex still stands today, given all the battles it hosted. The fortress, which dates to the 17th century, bore witness to centuries of battles, the massacre of the Aragvi clan, multiple peasant revolts, and fire. After surviving  hundreds of years of turmoil, the complex eventually fell out of use in the 19th century.Though it’s a shell of what it was when the Dukes of Aragvi occupied it, the fortress is still worth exploring. It holds two castles joined by a curtain wall once used for defense and three churches. The largest church bears a traditional Georgian Orthodox grapevine cross carved into its facade and frescoes that were largely destroyed in a fire. These design elements, among others, illustrate the stylistic blend that is Georgian architecture, calling to mind structures from the classical Greco-Roman, Byzantine, and Persian Empires.

Gudauri Friendship monument

Gudauri Friendship monument also known as Gudauri Panorama or Treaty of Georgyevsk Monument is located 120 KM from Tbilisi, on the Georgian Military Highway connecting to Russia. The government of Soviet Union built this monument in order to celebrate 200 years since the treaty of Georgievs signed in 1783.

This panorama is decorated with Soviet Style mosaics depicting Georgian and Russian heroes, farmers, fairy tales and communist symbols. The monument is very vivid and colorful, however most of it’s beauty is due to the location.

Georgia-Russia Friendship monument is a circular balcony hanging off of a 600 meter cliff with amazing views of Caucasus Mountains. Not everyone is brave enough to step on the very edge of the balcony, but the memories are sure worth it!


This is most people’s destination on the Georgian Military Hwy: a valley town with the famous hilltop silhouette of Tsminda Sameba Church and the towering snowy cone of Mt Kazbek looking down from the west. Now officially named Stepantsminda, but still commonly known as Kazbegi, it’s a base for some wonderful walking and mountain biking. What 20 years ago was just a big village has now grown into a sprawling town, with guesthouses and hotels everywhere and tourists arriving by the busload in the summer months. While this may not have added to Stepantsminda’s charm, the town’s location remains absolutely stunning and it’s still very easy to escape the crowds and explore the surrounding mountains and valleys in peace.

Gergeti trinity church

The old Georgian Church is located under the Mount Kazbek, 2170m above the town of Stepantsminda (former Kazbegi) and village of Gergeti whose name she had adopted. The church is widely known as Gergeti trinity Church thought Georgians call it Gergeti Tsminda Sameba.

It was built in the 14th century, but not much is known to us of its history. in 18th century, the church turned into storage for main Georgian relics that were transported here in the time of Persian invasion to Tbilisi. In the beginning of the 20th century, Soviet government had closed the church, and it was returned back to the Georgian Orthodox Church only in the 1990’s. But for the long times it had served as a popular waypoint for travelers on the road connecting Russia and Georgia. The Gergeti Trinity Church is said to be one of the most beautiful and remarkable churches in the world.


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